By Kelsey Walker

With Davis’s reputation for being all about agriculture and cows, it’s easy to forget that it’s located less than twenty miles from the state Capitol, Sacramento.  I’ve previously written about enjoying the quieter, rural side of Davis, so I think it’s only fair to share my experiences with the large city nearby.

On  a gray afternoon last year, my roommate and I decided to try biking to Sacramento from Davis.  It was just starting to warm up outside after the winter months, and we wanted to make use of some of the more bike-friendly weather and get some exercise.  Also neither of us had a car.

Luckily for us, the bike route from Davis to Sac is relatively simple.  There is a path that runs from the end of Olive Drive (right near downtown), along Interstate 80, and all the way to West Sacramento.  From there, it’s easy to find the Sacramento Capitol building, which, neither of us having ever been to Sacramento, we had deemed our end goal.

The bike ride there was upwards of fifteen miles one way and took us somewhere between an hour and a half to two hours to complete.

That includes stopping along the way to take a couple pictures. My favorite sight along the route was Tower Bridge, a large yellow bridge that crosses the Sacramento river and can raise and lower to let boats move beneath it.


After Tower Bridge, it was a straight shot to the Capitol building, and we had reached our goal!


(There’s me with my bike—it was only after my roommate and I left through a different exit that we saw a sign prohibiting biking in the plaza in front of the Capitol building.  Woops.)

By this point in time, we were both really craving some food, but didn’t know where to grab some (and lacked the proper technology to look that up online while out and about).  We headed back to Sacramento Downtown Plaza, which we had passed earlier, thinking it would have some sort of food.

Sure enough, we were right, there were several places to shop and eat.  After struggling to find somewhere to park our bikes (the horror!), we hit up the local Jamba Juice for some sandwiches and smoothies and wandered around the mall.  When the sky started darkening we decided to get back to our bikes and make the trip home.

If you want to make your own journey to Sac for whatever reason but lack car-access and are not up for the long bike ride, the Yolobus can also take you between cities.

And there are plenty of reasons to make the trip (other than just for the sake of a bike ride).

  • Old Sacramento is a part of town that has been restored to how it looked 150 years ago.  There are many clothing and jewelry shops as well as sweet shops, antique shops, and even a train museum.
  • However, if you’re looking for a less rustic shopping experience, the Arden Fair Mall in East Sacramento is probably your best bet (or Downtown Plaza, which I mentioned earlier)
  • There is a zoo in Sacramento.  Do I need to say more?
  • Sacramento also has more bars, clubs, theaters, and music venues than I can link to for those who are looking for something to do at night.